2nd Edition

eBay purchases shipped by Jason Ganser

For the past 18 months I have been ordering things from the US eBay and sending them to either Jason or Joe Oretza lol those poor chaps.

Here is more or less the entire order from Jason’s house. Funnily when you order so much over such a long period you completely forget what you ordered.

The Emperor vs Horus – Warhammer World – Mike McVey

Here are some more photos from my trip to Warhammer world back in 2015 with my Sister and Tina.

Fond memories. So here is another stand out piece from the day.

WIP – Eldar Wave Serpent – Rouge Trader Armorcast

Finally got my hands on one of these buggers… and this is all I could muster lol

Day 1

The Loft December 2018

So somebody in the community kept pestering me for some rather small parts of an Eldar vehicle I have, which meant I finally had time to go back up there and hunt for the dam thing… 1h and a lot of rearranging and I find the bugger!

Mark Gibbons Eldar Ranger Sculpt

After so many years of buying and “painting” the eldar models I become very bored of the current eldar pickings. This said, I still have many of the older styled models that I’ve yet to paint. But it got to the point with my spending that I just couldn’t spend enough money sadly on the models that were being sold (the addiction talking there). 

I remember spending £110 on the unreleased eldar models through ebay. I bought 4 of them. I found out later they were recast, but such was the need to spend money and also buy eldar things.

Anyway, when I found out that people would actually take money and then sculpt models! Well I blew up.

This is the first of maybe 9 that I have done now. First to be cast too, took 2 years lol