Sisters of Battle: Warriors of Redemption

Not sure what to say really about this one. I have bought  whole load of old (ish) hammer from a thoroughly nice chap from Liverpool. They weren’t cheap but I do feel like the joy its giving me its worth it 😀

Among other things in the box set, I am most impressed and pleased with is the sisters box set that came with it. I wasn’t aware it was include and am chuffed to bits with it. I’d never considered making an army of it…. Now I simply must 😀

Ulthwe Wraithguard – OOP

So I have finally got to painting my wraithguard after maybe 16 years of own them 🙂

It took a while, I need to learn how to speed paint and not care about every single thing lining up perfectly 🙁

But here they are:

Metal Wraithguard OOP
Metal Wraithguard OOP

And here is the sort of not really well documented journey.

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship

First of all… Its arrived!!! It arrived!!!!! arghh fucking hell its arrived 😀

I’m excited, but now I can’t decide, am I meant to build it? Or leave it in the awe shockingly lovely box? Currently in my room there is no where to display it, I’m moving on the 11th so I will hopefully finally have a display cabinet.

I had no idea that it weighed so much, I think somebody telling you it weighs a lot and you experiencing exactly how much it weighs are two very different things. It hurt my hands slightly lifting it.

Anyway its here. My initial reaction was just wow. The box looks amazing, good on you Games Workshop, good on you for making something so amazing and only making 500 or maybe 1000 of them. I can’t quite do justice of how nice the box really is. For some reason I expected a cheap feeling box, not lovely thick heavy wood.

The Original Press Release

This is the chap that inspired me into buying it. I remember my manager at Brent Cross’s store telling me how the Prince of Brunei’s son walking into the Plaza store and just ordering 2 of these. BOy was I jealous. Now I finally have one. Only took me 16 years and to be honest I think its sooner than I expected.

Well here are the photos, sort of. By that I mean they are awful photos.

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship  wrapped up

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship on my desk

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Closed Box

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Glorious

Metal thunderhawk gunship with original wooden box

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship box opened with instructions

Metal thunderhawk gunship open with parts

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Emblem

Metal thunderhawk gunship the little thing

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Armour Plates

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Engine Parts

Blisters Through The Years

I’ve got a lot of blisters. Tina said to me today “do you think all of your warhammer could pay for our wedding” A little bit of my soul just left me. But I didn’t lie. “Yes” was my reply and it could I think. Maybe not easily but it could. The question is, at what cost Tina? Our friendship!

After asking the question she smashed my box to the floor. She says, while she was helping me expand the table that is was a accident! Psh

So comes the blisters. There are still quite a few that I’ve not got in the collection. But I’d love to know which they are. Games day when they changed them to those odd little bags.

All the different type of blisters that the Hutber household owns!

I thought important to really understand how much you have that fits just into 2 medium sized boxes.

Now for close ups :O

Unboxing – Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 (The start of my “Whats in the Box” type things)

I have a rather large collection of models and I constantly berate myself for not documenting them. I tell myself I will do them, I’ve no doubt I’ll do the same here, with this post being the only one for many moons.

I’m a bad writer, just to tell everybody that. Come here for the models, nothing else please 🙂

So here are the phtotos… The lovely lovely paint set. What I like is it has character and a guide on how to paint them. Maybe they still do, I am unsure.

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Front Closed

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Side Closed

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Otherwise Closed

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Barcode

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Back Closed

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Back of box Minis

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Box Open

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Painting Guide

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Guide 1st Page

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Guide 2nd pag

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Guide 3rd page

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Guide Marines

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Paints

Citadel Colour Paint Set 1994 - Inside the box! All the paints in their glory
Flesh Wash, Bronzed Flesh, Enchanted Blue, Skull White, Chaos Black, Snakebite Leather, Blood Red, Goblin Green, Sunburst Yellow, Mithril Silver

All the photos I could be bothered to take for memories sake 🙂 I know I will love looking back at this blog as much as I do look back at the minis!

How playing the game negatively effects my desire to paint…

Been back in the hobby for 6 months since moving back from Vienna.

For me reading fluff and looking and photos online has already peaked my interested. Like with anything if you surround yourself with something you feel the desire rising. This led to me wanting to play the game.

I packed up all my models for the first time rather excited

I played a small 750pts game about a month ago. This waned my excitement somewhat… to a lot. The player whilst nice enough to help a noob would cheat, not re-roll cocked dice, shot at targets that were out of range. I’m not one to call somebody up on it in a practise game, it seemed odd to me.

Still time passed and last week I thought lets do another game and just avoid this chap. The guy I played with was an absolute joy to play with. However… I like painting, I love it in fact. I love nothing more than a well painted army/miniature. My tutor had nothing of the sorts 🙂 He was a true gamer.

Eldar vs Chaos (nurglings?) at Enfield Games Workshop
Eldar vs Chaos (nurglings?) at Enfield Games Workshop

I think going from the idea of showing off my well painted army to realising that nobody gives a flying f**k how well your army is painted did put me off the game slightly 🙂

Still what you gunna do!

The Aim…

I’ve already got a blog. but I share this with my sister so it seems tainted if I include warhammer on that place.

I must say I would like to program my own blog which could also handle tracking all of my models. Displaying their points values, how complete my goals are for painting. Basically just to keep track of everything I have… Stopping me from buying any more. I do have too much, but its too hard to stop… Its an addiction for sure, I see that now. But I am unable to stop.

Ohh one thing worth mentioning is that I’m more or less illiterate. So there will be many things you will hate about reading this.. If anybody does.

Part of the collection:

My Eldar Army So Far
So much more than 5 months ago, it amazes me really!!

This is the only painted stuff I currently have. Its pitiful.

The aim then, to document everything I own that is warhammer.

Please wish me luck.