The Room – April 2016 #2

Looking at the desk pictures, it appears that I was trying to get my head around basing. I’d just come back from Warhammer Faster and saw some of the freakin bollocks on bases and wanted some of that. What did I learn from trying to do the “advanced bases” That they can fuck right off… … Read more

The Room – April 2016

After my last room update I didn’t change too much, but I am happy about adding support to my large shelves as they were bowing too much for comfort. I realised I should take photos half way through the rearranging process. 

Hobbyzone Desk Racks

I have no idea where I got the items for this, but it was certainly Facebook. Also most certainly it was from somebody posting about it. As you can see, this is my current desk space. Its actually not that bad truth be told. Nice draws, nice space for paints. But also a lot of … Read more