The Room – August 2019

Christ, its been a while since I’ve done one of these. I just google searched and saw one of the rooms and it brought flooding back all the happy memories… Even though at the time I didn’t think so… Well eh!! That’s the point of these posts. I am a nostalgic son of a bitch … Read more

Sketching a Mermaid

My first try at sketching. I have to say, getting started and having no real direction was a touch frustrating. I also found that I had to make sure everything was smooth. I’m pretty sure thats not the way you normally sketch?

Selling my Collection :O

Day 1 I’m not quite sure when it hit me like a sloppy cheese cake right square in the nogg’in. But maybe 2/3 weeks ago, I was reading a facebook thread about collections and I posted a photo from a loft visit I had done that day to collect a item I’d sold. But hit … Read more