Buying your Sealed items

I would love to buy sealed warhammer in short. Army boxes are the real goal here though!

Please review these instructions thoroughly for a smooth trade/sale!

I’ll buy anything warhammer, including forgeworld, RPGs, board games, miniatures, even dice, brushes, paints, and more. We treat our customers fairly and will not just cherry-pick your collection. If you have games for sale or trade and would like an estimate, please e-mail a list of titles, along with a general note on condition, to But more or less, if its sealed and older than 5 years I’ll buy it, but older the better 😀


Shortly after submitting your list of items for sale, you will receive a cash estimate. We will pay the shipping costs – unless otherwise noted – if you follow the shipping guidelines below. Payments are mailed out promptly via check within 1 week of receiving and inspecting the items.

Our address is:

Please send an email and I’ll send you over my address.

  1. Follow the packing instructions below.
  2. Get a good idea of the packages weight and number of boxes that will be involved.
  3. Once you have everything recorded either ask us for a courier to pick up from your address and the best time for the pickup, or get a quote and let us know the costs for your opted postal service.
  4. E-mail us to let us know the total cost to mail your package. Extra services such as insurance and confirmation are not covered, so please do not include those costs in your e-mail to us.
Packing Instructions

**The size of the box(es) should be no larger than 18″x15″x18″.**

  1. Use sturdy boxes that are well taped.
  2. Do not pack your items in a huge oversized box. The dimensions of the box(es) should be no larger than 18″x15″x18″. Royal Mail (and all other shippers) have large dimensional surcharges. Send your items to us in normal sized boxes under 40 pounds each, if possible. If you have items that are bigger than the recommended box size, feel free to use a box slightly bigger than the largest item you are shipping and check the costs
  3. Use packing peanuts or other packaging, such as used newspaper, on any edges of the product that will touch the box.
  4. Do not over or under pack. 30-50 pounds is a good weight limit per box. Do not send many small boxes, nor any box over 55 pounds. If possible, pack everything tightly into boxes with a maximum weight of 30-50 pounds. If you must send many small boxes, tape them together securely and send as them one package.
  5. Items should be packed tightly to prevent rubbing and shifting in transit.
  6. Boxed games or sets containing loose components should be rubber banded (NOT taped) shut. Please note: If loose counters or other small parts are present, put them in baggies inside their respective games!
  7. Putting plastic sleeves on each item, if possible, works well.
  8. Include a sheet of paper with your full name, return address, and email address inside the box. This helps prevent lost shipments!
Item Condition

We assume that all items are complete with all original parts and with no water damage, mildew damage, or smoke or mold smells (unless previously noted to us). Items with these defects typically have no value. If possible, leave original dice in the boxes, but if they are not present, it is acceptable. We also buy/trade for loose dice and miniature collections.

How to Receive your Cash or Credit

We are efficient and will typically process your items within 1-2 business day(s) of arrival and will send you a confirmation e-mail at that time. However, in unusual cases due to high volume, the holidays, or a particularly large shipment, the wait could be 7 business days or so. If you opted for cash, business check, or PayPal, the payment will be processed immediately after we process your items.