Karl Kopinski – Eldrad 4th Edition Codex Original Artwork

Well… For an extremely long time I loved this artwork a lot. Like a really lot. I am not really sure why I love the drawing so much tbh. But I do and hunted it for a very long time. I first emailed Karl in 2017.. then again every 3/4 months for 23 months, poor guy. Until finally I got

Geoff Taylor – 2nd Edition Codex Original

I had the luck of stumbling upon a website that was selling Geoff’s original arts for reasonable prices. At least relative for how much I loved this artwork. Here are the images when I was in the framing shop, as in, without the glass barrier that strips out all of the colour 😀 So of course I had to the

Asdrubael Vect – Des Hanley Original

I had the pleasure of annoying Des with constant messages and flirting. This below are photos of the amazing artwork. I’m a man of many many words, in person. But in writing rather less… But getting these artworks from Des has certainly taken the shine off the pure pencil on white, from himself and other artists. These ones just scream

Squig Herders – Original Artwork – Mark Gibbons

Around 9 months ago I had the chance to buy a lot of Art from Mr Gibbons. I took that chance. Here are the Herders, original meant to be used in teh 4th ed Codex as side by sides, the idea being that the Night Goblins are chasing them around the codex, GW dropped that idea for some reason. So

Original Artwork – RIchard Wright’s Eldar Jetbike Warhammer 40,000

In 2017 I emailed Richard to ask him if he had any artwork from his GW games, he sure enough did and replied straight away. I than asked if he had any Eldar left, which I didn’t get a reply and myself forgot about 😀   The while searching through I managed to find the old email, fired one across