Sketching a Mermaid

My first try at sketching. I have to say, getting started and having no real direction was a touch frustrating. I also found that I had to make sure everything was smooth. I’m pretty sure thats not the way you normally sketch?

28mm – Space Elf Exodite Custom Lux Thantor

Something a little bit different this time round. I would say different in aesthetics more than anything. The sculptor I would say wasn’t the “normal” gw style. Which led me to the perfect Exodite model for his dynamics. Update #1 – Foundations I didn’t really have much to say even when he asked lol. I … Read more

WIP – Avatar 1992

4/5th of Febuary – Starting Avatar Having just “finished” the Asrumen statue I was skimming through the Eldar 3rd Edition Codex just as i normally do to comfort myself, I bloody love that codex lol. I saw upon the red/darker version of the avatar in the book. This was actually the original model and colours … Read more

WIP – A wizard! By somebody

I’ve no idea this is sold by or sculpted by, but I bought it salute. If you do know, please let me know and I can thank them 🙂 and maybe buy more of their work. So… I have done nothing with her yet. Alfonso said to just finish the Eldar and I for one … Read more