Selling my Collection :O

Day 1 I’m not quite sure when it hit me like a sloppy cheese cake right square in the nogg’in. But maybe 2/3 weeks ago, I was reading a facebook thread about collections and I posted a photo from a loft visit I had done that day to collect a item I’d sold. But hit … Read more

I ordered £3,252.49 of warhammer from Singapore #2

Way back in December 2016 I emailed a chap who had posted what was a very very rare thing. 2nd Ed sealed boxes… But a lot of them. The order was completed on the 20th of April 2017. My eyes watered just looking at it. After around 45 emails back and forth with Daniel we … Read more

Battle Masters – Sealed

After the very tough period of being on eBay for hours on end, just hitting reload waiting for the next “bargain” to come along, I have spent almost no time on eBay at all. (around a year ago). Having only bought 11 warhammer related items through the platform since July 2018, I somehow just took … Read more