80s Surfer / retired surfer dude WIP

I actually didn’t remember buying this model at all, at the time I was just buying to show my mate some support with his first model. Well also that combined with my being in, u know, the “buying mode”. But now that rain storm cloud has passed and I’m completely out of that, combined with my organising and selling my

Forgeworld Asurmen Statue

How I learnt to be a better painter…. With Alfonso Giraldes and my Palette.

I don’t really know how to say this without sounding like its paid for sponsored 🤓 But all I can say is: TL;DR If you’re not on Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee’s) Patreon you should be. It has changed my painting life in such a way that I cannot not tell you!! So much that I think I am actually happier as

Eldar Wave Serpent – Rouge Trader Armorcast

Finally got my hands on one of these buggers… This was the one… (one of the ones) that I looked at with utter dread. Having such open spaces on the model I really had no idea how I would tackle the model and not make it look boring, in the end I was happy with the outcome. But I was