The Loft – May 2018

The idea had been floating around in my head for a very long time that I needed to remove all the boxes I had in loft as I just had zero idea what the hell was going on… The sad thing was, once I had finished I still had no fucking clue! lol So the … Read more

The Loft December 2018

So somebody in the community kept pestering me for some rather small parts of an Eldar vehicle I have, which meant I finally had time to go back up there and hunt for the dam thing… 1h and a lot of rearranging and I find the bugger!

The Loft – July 2018

I had some free days and knew with the increase in me selling my warhammer I should find all the items I can sell from the mums loft. I bought £300 worth of really useful boxes and its nowhere near enough yet 🙁 Here are the results