I ordered £3,252.49 of warhammer from Singapore #2

Way back in December 2016 I emailed a chap who had posted what was a very very rare thing. 2nd Ed sealed boxes… But a lot of them. The order was completed on the 20th of April 2017.

My eyes watered just looking at it.

After around 45 emails back and forth with Daniel we finally agreed on the items and their numbers. Honestly, I would have ordered more from him, but I had a little bit of doubt. I was transferring directly to his bank account with transferwise.com and there was no way of me ever seeing that money again.

The day came though.. the first photos of my orders today!!!

Jizz city right there!! Now it really was just a case of waiting. A very long wait I tell you.

The day arrived, I even remember the black Fed Ex guy with the cool hair delivering it. He did the first box by itselfs just to really get my bloody to go from my head. He asked if he could do the next 5 boxes the day after and leave them outside my door… lol I said yes, I couldn’t wait longer. Thinking about it now though, its was risky, anybody could have just let themselves into the apartment and taken them.

Box 1

Box 2

Box 3

now…. I can’t seem to find box 3/4/5/6 which is normal for me to only do things half, but still disappointing.