Shop is up and running

So in order to fund another one of the Elder paintings I am going to buy I need to sell more of collection sadly…


So I am charging a little bit for the items I’m selling, I just really don’t want to see them go tbh but then I also really want the eldar painting. Its a little bit of a win/lose but more win as these are originals that can never be bought otherwise.

Anyway, the old store front:

Old store design

 The new store front. I like this one more.

New store design

My first harlequin – A text for a colour scheme.

So I have wanted to paint harlequins since I first got into the hobby. At least, since I first knew of the existence.
I remember it so clearly, getting the codex that was in the journal and just being awe struck by the models but most of all the painting on them. 
I actually still have the model I attempted to paint and nowhere near finishing when I was 13. 
So here below is the modern attempt and tbh, so far I hate it lol I will keep going just to have a finished model, but not because I think the result will be good. I haven’t used enough colours to make it look smooth or enticing. 

The Shelf

Its interesting that I call this a blog. I may as well just call it a collection of lazy photo uploads so I can look back at them myself in a few years and go.. oh ye… I had that lol I’m a waste!

The Forgeword Collection – Part 1

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, so I will do a part time version of what I really intend to do in the long run 🙂 Which is name and label all the photos properly. This is just one fat list of them at the moment.

3rd Edition Eldar Fire Prism Ulthwe Painting Tutorial with no guidance nothing but photos.

Said it before, I just love the “Eldar Craftworld” version of Ulthwe ever since then I’ve wanted to recreate that army. Here is my Fire Prism attempt.

I started this on the 17.01.2016 Although I also moved home on 14.02.2016 I think painted for about 2 weeks before the move and I didn’t paint for 2 weeks after. So all in all 2 months to paint this guy :O Longer sort of than I realised.

Just me trying to make sure there aren’t huge gaps between the prism
Drilling the bits together. I drilled the 2 access to the prism and this part to make sure they held.

Starting to do the fading the parts of the little sticky out bits.

Can we all stop and admire these eyes please lol 

Got bored of doing comments didn’t I 😀