Blisters Through The Years

I’ve got a lot of blisters. Tina said to me today “do you think all of your warhammer could pay for our wedding” A little bit of my soul just left me. But I didn’t lie. “Yes” was my reply and it could I think. Maybe not easily but it could. The question is, at what cost Tina? Our friendship!

After asking the question she smashed my box to the floor. She says, while she was helping me expand the table that is was a accident! Psh

So comes the blisters. There are still quite a few that I’ve not got in the collection. But I’d love to know which they are. Games day when they changed them to those odd little bags.

All the different type of blisters that the Hutber household owns!

I thought important to really understand how much you have that fits just into 2 medium sized boxes.

Now for close ups :O