28mm – Space Elf Exodite Custom Lux Thantor

Something a little bit different this time round. I would say different in aesthetics more than anything.
The sculptor I would say wasn’t the “normal” gw style. Which led me to the perfect Exodite model for his dynamics.

Update #1 – Foundations

I didn’t really have much to say even when he asked lol. I was happy with the pose.

Update #2 – Body

So far so good, I did feel that the body was a touch too large for your classic Space Elf, so I did ask if things were going to be trimmed down at all. Giving him a few examples of how their bodies work! I was assured that all would be good and being an exodite I figured that they would rely on technology a lot less so could be bigger.

Update #3 – Clothing

I have to say, its a pretty big jump here, from #2 to #3. Being that there may have been wholesale changes that I might have wanted.

But nope, actually it was pretty much on the money and I am happy.

I asked that the gems be made a bit more “eldar” like so we shall wait 🙂