28mm – Space Elf Exodite Custom Lux Thantor

Something a little bit different this time round. I would say different in aesthetics more than anything. The sculptor I would say wasn’t the “normal” gw style. Which led me to the perfect Exodite model for his dynamics. Update #1 – Foundations I didn’t really have much to say even when he asked lol. I … Read more 28mm – Space Elf Exodite Custom Lux Thantor

74mm Eldrad – Robby Crawforth

This was actually the first painting that I had ever seen and thought… Yes, this is the model I would like to have sculpted. I have no idea why it “spoke” to me in such a way, but it opened up the way for me and my sculpting journey. Mapping the pose I never actually … Read more 74mm Eldrad – Robby Crawforth