Battlecars – For 48k Spectrum

Battlecars – For one or two players on 48k spectrum BATTLECARS is the deadly sport of the future… By the year 2080, driving was totally safe, but a rebellion war brewing. In 2081 the first road warriors appeared in cars bristling with armour and weapons. These new gladiators challenged each other to illegal duels to … Read more

The Room – July 2018

I can see that this was before the “buying” got really bad, the reason being I didn’t have the shelf above the speaker. Whats also weird, is looking at the shelf my collection hasn’t really changed much at all since 2016 on the larger scale side of things. Maybe I got into buying FW items … Read more

The Room – September 2016

I’m well aware that I am the only person who ever would want to see these. But for me, its a join to look back at myself over as the time passes by. What I wouldn’t give for photos like this from when I was a kid growing up.

The Room – May 2016

A little late.   I think this is a fairly clean month tbh, a fee plates and at least I’ve found a few mins to do some painting.    Its 01/07/16 and I still haven’t finished that jetbike, so not that much painting. But ye.