Finished – Eldar Ranger Mark Gibbons

Day 1 – I’ve had the model a while… After getting a little scared with mr fek wit Asurmen I thought, ye lets do a quick win… 2 weeks later lol

Day 2 – So now we get the little bugger ready for some paint!

A snack


Day 3 – I can’t help it, start again/continue starting again/start again/then start starting again again… All with new paint each time. 

Day 4 – After fekin up the base and painting over it far far too many times I settled to adding more dirt and “starting” again

Day 5 – Lol I put “Day 5” but its obviously been more than 5 days, this is just… day 5 of actually doing something on the model. Still started adding paint and really trying hard to not give a S**T about how it looks as to learn more.

Mark Gibbons Eldar Ranger Sculpt

After so many years of buying and “painting” the eldar models I become very bored of the current eldar pickings. This said, I still have many of the older styled models that I’ve yet to paint. But it got to the point with my spending that I just couldn’t spend enough money sadly on the models that were being sold (the addiction talking there). 

I remember spending £110 on the unreleased eldar models through ebay. I bought 4 of them. I found out later they were recast, but such was the need to spend money and also buy eldar things.

Anyway, when I found out that people would actually take money and then sculpt models! Well I blew up.

This is the first of maybe 9 that I have done now. First to be cast too, took 2 years lol