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Leman Russ Imperial Battle Tank 2nd Edition

WARHAMMER40,000 LEMAN RUSS IMPERIAL BATTLE TANK Forming the bulk of the Imperial Guard’s Battle Tank companies, the Leman Russ is favoured for its awesome combination of armour-busting Battle Cannon and Lascannon, and for the blistering anti-personnel power of its sponson-mounted Heavy Bolters. This box contains 1 complete Leman Russ plastic kit, including 2 Citadel waterslide […]

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Dave Gallagher 3rd Edition Eldar Eldrad Original Artwork

What luck I have had and Dave thank you very much for selling to me! I am extremely grateful for this purchase! The 2 pieces I bought are actually some of my all time favourite artworks from my favourite Codex of all time. 3rd Edition! Albert had told me he had a replace from Dave […]

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