How to paint Space Wolves from 2nd Edition

The question was: What are your paint recipes for an early 90s Space Wolf armour colour using currently available paints- GW or Coat d’Arms preferably. Any advice much appreciated. Cheers! By: Joe Mclaren I thought I might want to paint them at some point… so what better way to save it on my blog. Cus I thought, how would I

I ordered £3,252.49 of warhammer from Singapore #2

Way back in December 2016 I emailed a chap who had posted what was a very very rare thing. 2nd Ed sealed boxes… But a lot of them. The order was completed on the 20th of April 2017. My eyes watered just looking at it. After around 45 emails back and forth with Daniel we finally agreed on the items

Orc and Ork Sealed US Army Box sets.

I would like to have taken proper photos of these boxes, with lighting and close ups. However I moved them into the Loft until I get bored of the current display that I have. Humm I should have planned this better without a doubt. I order these boxes in January 2018, they were delivered promptly to the US, where my

Geoff Taylor – 2nd Edition Codex Original

I had the luck of stumbling upon a website that was selling Geoff’s original arts for reasonable prices. At least relative for how much I loved this artwork. Here are the images when I was in the framing shop, as in, without the glass barrier that strips out all of the colour 😀 So of course I had to the