3rd Edition Eldar Fire Prism Ulthwe Painting Tutorial with no guidance nothing but photos.

Said it before, I just love the “Eldar Craftworld” version of Ulthwe ever since then I’ve wanted to recreate that army. Here is my Fire Prism attempt.

I started this on the 17.01.2016 Although I also moved home on 14.02.2016 I think painted for about 2 weeks before the move and I didn’t paint for 2 weeks after. So all in all 2 months to paint this guy :O Longer sort of then I realised.

Day 1

Day 2 – Lightning Pattern

Day 3 – Canopy

Day 4 – More Lightning

Day 5 – Other Bits

Day 6 – Prism

Day 7 – More Prism

Day 8 – Prism on the tank

Day 9 – Riders

Day 10 – Lightning

Day 11 – Finished