Saim-Hann Jetbikes #1 – Sain Hann

I’ve wanted to get one of these painted for about 17 years.

Found 2 days spare (ill off work) and smashed it out the park. Only 9 more to go.

4th of April 2016

I’m writing this 3 years after I painted it. Fucking hell, 3 years!

I always started off with a complete undercoat of Blood Red (Black Hex Lip) This was applied via Airbrush, a hell of a lot of coats as it was undercoated with Chaos Black

6th of April – Black Lines

I always draw these on with pencil, is pretty easy and normally, I think, looks ok.

Painting the Rider

Adding details to the Bike

I am not sure which colours I used, but I am laughing at that wet palette a little bit in my own head. Not enough to laugh out loud, but still.

So having a guess, orange and red where used to create the almost pathetic fades on the bike.

7th of April – Finished Model