eBay purchases shipped by Jason Ganser

For the past 18 months I have been ordering things from the US eBay and sending them to either Jason or Joe Oretza lol those poor chaps.

Here is more or less the entire order from Jason’s house. Funnily when you order so much over such a long period you completely forget what you ordered.

The Aim…

I’ve already got a blog. www.hutber.com but I share this with my sister so it seems tainted if I include warhammer on that place.

I must say I would like to program my own blog which could also handle tracking all of my models. Displaying their points values, how complete my goals are for painting. Basically just to keep track of everything I have… Stopping me from buying any more. I do have too much, but its too hard to stop… Its an addiction for sure, I see that now. But I am unable to stop.

Ohh one thing worth mentioning is that I’m more or less illiterate. So there will be many things you will hate about reading this.. If anybody does.

Part of the collection:

My Eldar Army So Far
So much more than 5 months ago, it amazes me really!!

This is the only painted stuff I currently have. Its pitiful.

The aim then, to document everything I own that is warhammer.

Please wish me luck.