Blood Red Through the Years

Whilst painting my Avatar I was going through the different blood reds I had as I wanted to make sure that the model I was painting looked the same as it did when it was made, so 1998 really. Which meant I was using the paints from then. The black screw lids. However… At the time there was lots of talk of, “just buy coat d’ arms and it’ll be the same”.

The Paints and their colours

It was here that I realised… hang on, they may well not be the same at all :p

The Blood Red from Citadel White lid was much much more liquid, the 99 paints (far right) are by comparison much more opaque which was how I grew up and is to this day still what I prefer.

But what was interesting was, the Coat d’arms paints were by far more pink and not actually that close to the Blood Red from 92!

And here we see them side-by-side

And now I wanted to see how they all mixed together with black and also threw in some scale75 to see how it compared.