Inks > Dropper Bottles

Humm… I may well indeed have been procrastinating on this one. But I was sick of having my paint get stuck at the bottom of the glass bottle, then each time I wanted to use them I’d have to scrap the bottom, shake for an extremely long time and even then have to squeeze the … Read more

Selling my Collection :O

Day 1 I’m not quite sure when it hit me like a sloppy cheese cake right square in the nogg’in. But maybe 2/3 weeks ago, I was reading a facebook thread about collections and I posted a photo from a loft visit I had done that day to collect a item I’d sold. But hit … Read more

Hobbyzone Desk Racks

I have no idea where I got the items for this, but it was certainly Facebook. Also most certainly it was from somebody posting about it. As you can see, this is my current desk space. Its actually not that bad truth be told. Nice draws, nice space for paints. But also a lot of … Read more