How to paint Space Wolves from 2nd Edition

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What are your paint recipes for an early 90s Space Wolf armour colour using currently available paints- GW or Coat d’Arms preferably. Any advice much appreciated. Cheers!

By: Joe Mclaren
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I thought I might want to paint them at some point… so what better way to save it on my blog. Cus I thought, how would I ever remember when I saved it.

The GW studio army was painted just prior to 2nd edition, either very late 80’s or very early 90’s. Back then it was painted with some of the original Citadel Colours that preceded the HMG hex-pots (it was probably during the transition between the first color series and the second). The base coat was a Marine Dark Blue, which today is a match for P3 Exile Blue. They were then brushed with a coat of Space Wolves Grey (today a match for CdA Lupin Grey) and finally highlighted with a mixture of white and Space Wolves Grey. Any bright yellow and red will do for various details… I recommend CdA Sun Yellow (very light and bright indeed) and CdA Blood Red (also quite light colored).

Dave Lister

Liam Phillips Space Wolves Grey was reserved for the final edge highlight, the recipe was a base of Blue Grey, then main armour painted with a 50/50 mix of Blue Grey and Space Wolves Grey. The only model that used Space Wolves Grey as the predominate armour colour was McVey’s version of Ragnar Blackmane (replete with yellow-mane). You can find the recipes in the Warhammer 40,000 Painting Guide which came out around 1994. The bulk of the Space Wolves range was released around 1992, just prior to 2nd edition dropping – which is why it was the first Codex for 2nd ed as the models were all shiny new.

The recipe was space wolves grey + shadow grey 50/50 and then blend pure space wolves grey for the highlights

Coat d’arms have exactly both colors, and vallejo game color also have two close matching equivalents; the current GW equivalents are far different, the fang is the equivalent to shadow grey and it is darkest and more greyish instead of bluish

Jose Amago

Dave Lister Indeed, thank goodness for CdA. By the way, there are several pages on painting Space Wolves in the 1994 Eavy Metal 40k Painting Guide
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