Hobbyzone Desk Racks

I have no idea where I got the items for this, but it was certainly Facebook. Also most certainly it was from somebody posting about it.

As you can see, this is my current desk space. Its actually not that bad truth be told. Nice draws, nice space for paints. But also a lot of wasted space in the end.

So after seeing the post I got myself online, did some + = – and all that other shit. A few weeks later the post came.

So then it came to building the first unit. Thankfully I only took photos of me building 2 of them? I think so

Ye, you can see here they are actually dam easily to build. Draught in your women and you’re on cloud nine mate. Smashing through boxes left right and center.

Ah, I thought there were photos of us building together, but nope sir’re! Nothing

You can see pretty clearly that this took more than one day lol. Day light, room light etc.

So here is the finished product.

And side by side

Shame I didn’t take the photos in the same position.