Beastman Chariot – 1997

Siege Defenders – 1997

eBay purchases shipped by Jason Ganser

For the past 18 months I have been ordering things from the US eBay and sending them to either Jason or Joe Oretza lol those poor chaps.

Here is more or less the entire order from Jason’s house. Funnily when you order so much over such a long period you completely forget what you ordered.

The Loft

I had some free days and knew with the increase in me selling my warhammer I should find all the items I can sell from the mums loft. I bought £300 worth of really useful boxes and its nowhere near enough yet 🙁

Here are the results

The OOP Blisters

It is a blog after all so another pointless post. My blisters.
So I think there are 3x4x2x10 plus the old ones which I can’t be bothered to calculate but!! I think that means there are 240 blisters 😀