Battle Masters – Sealed

After the very tough period of being on eBay for hours on end, just hitting reload waiting for the next “bargain” to come along, I have spent almost no time on eBay at all. (around a year ago). Having only bought 11 warhammer related items through the platform since July 2018, I somehow just took a look and boom! These guys were waiting.

I saw the asking price was £265 for these boxes, these are some of the ones I still don’t have sealed. So I put an offer in of £200 assuming he was a normal chap, on the basis that if he was a “businessman” he would have been asking more like £500+.

I knew I couldn’t really afford these models after having just paid back the £40k in taxes I owed from the last year. I went with the modest £200 and boy did he lap it up 😛

£5 for postage and within the week these were here. I’ll get to taking real photos soon enough.