12cm Eldar Avenger Bust

Ever since I saw John WIggly’s “Alternative” helmets that he did as part of the 3rd edition Craftworlds Eldar Supplement Codex I knew I wanted them (sculpted) Being born into the hobby and having that codex be released was maybe the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my life bar non!!!

Sexy bloody eldar!!

Thus came back after maybe 2 years Vlad Fox again for our beautiful relationship to continue!

I thought… ye… looking prerttttyyyyy tight right now, crack on big man!

Immediately I thought of Squishy face that I do with my daughter, so feedback ensued.

The point was got across albeit a little “oddly” lol my drawings are great!

A small discussion around exactly how thick the bottom half needed to be to accept the pipes around the mouth. As seen in the gallery above this one.

And now I’m getting really excited and things are starting to look sharpe. But with the shape agreed mr Fox can really start to go forward on the designs.

So this was the next update and I was like… oh ye!!!! YEEEEE BABY!!!!

Just need to correct the elbelem on the head, being a little “off eldar” it was difficult to describe for me though as translations into Russia isn’t sometimes lost in translations lol But involved reducing the “bevel” on it so it sits closer to the helmet.

And thus… the improved version.

Then of course he cracked on

This led to feedback around the gem, the size of the little things on the side of the head and base of the helmet, being more, kind of ergonomic when wearing it.

Feedback complete and explained

So this was a final sign off before he had finished.

The “final” version, with all the sexyness added and it really is lovely for my tastes, brilliantly done.

Much to my dismay having already said I am happy with it, Des pointed out that the pipes were curved. I had noticed it, but thought… meh maybe its ok as its such a large scale it could be ok. But I realised the errors of my ways and asked for changes.

The super clear feedback :O

I’ve still not had the master home yet. But I do indeed love them 😀