Imperial Fists 3rd Edition Supremacy Force Contents

I thought I should just display the contents of the box for nothing other than if I need to check myself at a later date 🙂

2 thoughts on “Imperial Fists 3rd Edition Supremacy Force Contents”

  1. I really love the old style bundles like these. Something about the loose sprues bundled with sealed blister packs just made it seem like you were getting a proper multibuy deal, as opposed to the modern Start Collecting! box approach which almost feels like a singular product in and of itself. It all feels a little bit more.. cold these days. Or maybe it’s all pure nostalgia.

    I still remember very clearly one particular Mail Order Army Bundle deal for Saim Hann Wild Riders that I came across in one of my earliest encounters with a mail order catalogue or a copy of White Dwarf or something. It’s still strange to me how much the culture has changed from those big jaggy bubbles in the corner declaring £X savings.

    • I think you’ve nailed my feelings on the submit. I’ve actually emailed GW 3 times now :p over the last 5 years asking them to return these bundles. But nothing, they always reply. But not with results dam it :p

      Ah man, do you have an photos of what the Saim Hann Wild Riders box looked like? I’ve been trying to hunt the one from WD 236 for… well a very long time!


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