Other than Biel Tan Eldar, this group of models have been the ones more than any other than in the Warhammer Universe, which means all models, that I wanted to paint the most. Original released in 1999 Command Squad. As much of my childhood models, I want to recreate the shit out of it lol Eavy metal style pure and simple!!! As with the Wild Riders I have done… I still need to do another 3 of em :O

7th of April – Undercoat and feeling excited

8th April – Ultramarine Blue – Black lid hex pot

It would seem i didn’t take as many photos as I have in the past. I think its partly to do with, but now after just 3 days of painting him I realised it was a lot harder than I remember. Painting 28mm that is. Coming from the Asurmen Statue this was what maybe caused the frustration. The Eldar statue is 120mm I do believe. But I found the shoulder pad and chest piece the difficult parts, frustratingly so even.

17-19th of April – Doing the Face

I honestly had no idea what I was doing lol. I remember the guys on painting courses saying put in reds and blues, which I did. Honestly the face isn’t really worthy of putting which colours I used, but feck it you know. So it was a base of:

  • coat of Bronzed Flesh
  • A wash of Reikland Fleshshade (all over)
  • Kislev Flesh on the rough highlights (higher spots?)
  • A touch of red gore mixed with Bronzed Flesh and put around the eyes
  • Same with ultramarine blue and around the eyes
  • Then bleached bone on the highest points…

20th of April – Touching up the Highlights

With the model done, it came to putting the Banner on. This little bastard was so old there was no sticky left in it lol

I tried initial to use PVA glue, but nothing.

I ended up with using super glue on the top bits and main section

I then tried to put the ultramarine logo on the shoulder pad, but that failed so I thought fuck it. I was going to paint it on but forget.

Finished Model