My first harlequin – A test for a colour scheme.

So I have wanted to paint harlequins since I first got into the hobby. At least, since I first knew of the existence.   I remember it so clearly, getting the codex that was in the journal and just being awe struck by the models but most of all the painting on them. 

The book that started my love for Quins

I actually still have the model I attempted to paint and nowhere near finishing when I was 13.   

So here below is the modern attempt and tbh, so far I hate it lol I will keep going just to have a finished model, but not because I think the result will be good. I haven’t used enough colours to make it look smooth or enticing. 

We then had the… drilling flying out the window thinking the piece was lost for 2 days situation… lol was lost for 2 days situation… lol

I looked once when it happened at night… didn’t find it, so went back and looked for maybe 30mins. After his point I was pretty sure it had to be outside. So the next day I looked as a “last chance” and thankfully the little guy were there!!

looking back its interesting, this is my “base” without the Oliver lessons