Rosemary & Co Brushes

Ever since Winsor & Newton moved their manufacturing to another country I have found that the brushes are lacking. At least for me, maybe its just in my head. But I asked around and was recommended Rosemary & Co. With their brushes being so cheap, I thought why the hell not.

I had never used a 10/0 before. But I used him on the Space Marine Captain to great effect i must say. Initially I had problems with the paint drying on the tip and leaving a small blob on the tip, but after realising that the brush is so thin, it cannot hold any moisture I just got used to adding more water and cleaning it more often.

Anyway, above is my second order as they were just so good. I also bought some of the new stippling brushes, so I am excited to try these for blending.

I recommend you try some of these brushes if you haven’t already.