Selling and organising :O

Well the last 3 days have been a bit bonkers from a lazy point of view.

Saturday football, so sure fun. I stayed there until 18:30 then came home and had dinner with Tina’s aunty and uncle who are over for Tina’s graduation. We had food then played Lord of the Rings board game until 12:30.. So saturday gone.

Sunday I thought alright I’ve got until 18:00 when I have to meet Tina and her family who have come over from Austria for the grad. So I just started taking out some boxes and looking at the lovely 3rd ed jizz source:

To be fair, the above photo was after 6 hours lol

But it shows what I got myself into. So I spent the entire day organising the items.

What was really silly was uploading the photos and explaining that I want to sell some of them. People don’t really understand but

Anyway, some 350 notifications and 60 messages later and I’ve not even finished organising the models.   

The worst part, I need to itemise all of the items I have an put prices on them, prices I know nobody will pay 😐  

I love them all, these are my children. How could you sell your children (to buy a eldar original painting from Geoff Taylor) thats how 🙂