Space Marine Ultramarines Army Box 2000pts 2nd Edition

Well, these have been kicking around a while and I’ve never really taken them out of taken photos of them. So Here I am, doing it at long last.

I promise I will paint a squad of these, in the old school styles that I grew up loving. Even though I’m Eldar. I think the 2nd ed marines are the only ones that I actually have respect for. I’m not when it changed, but I believe its when we went to these stupid “war” photo boxes rather than the fade from light blue to white 😀

2 thoughts on “Space Marine Ultramarines Army Box 2000pts 2nd Edition”

  1. amazeballs!
    although you got a better chaplain than the box, i prefer the librarian with axe!

    and copy-paste error on the army list; who cares about Space Wolves!

    am currently assembling a 2nd ed Imperial Guard army and struggling with motivation; seeing how a classic army was supplied helps 🙂

  2. ha 😀 let me see it. How much did you get done in these 4 months.

    I must say I agree somewhat. I think of all the army boxes from 2nd ed, this was the least imaginative.

    I'm still really looking for the others


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