Articles from March 2016

3rd Edition Eldar Fire Prism Ulthwe Painting Tutorial with no guidance nothing but photos.

Said it before, I just love the “Eldar Craftworld” version of Ulthwe ever since then I’ve wanted to recreate that army. Here is my Fire Prism attempt.

I started this on the 17.01.2016 Although I also moved home on 14.02.2016 I think painted for about 2 weeks before the move and I didn’t paint for 2 weeks after. So all in all 2 months to paint this guy :O Longer sort of than I realised.

Just me trying to make sure there aren’t huge gaps between the prism
Drilling the bits together. I drilled the 2 access to the prism and this part to make sure they held.

Starting to do the fading the parts of the little sticky out bits.

Can we all stop and admire these eyes please lol 

Got bored of doing comments didn’t I 😀

The Giant Blood Angel Chaplain Statue

eBay Purchase

I have still yet to find out enough about this guy, but I bought him on eBay for £150 and to this day its my greatest every purchase.

Well this is what the seller had to say about it:

“This was bought over ten years ago from a small garage kit dealer at a UK Memorabilia show at the NEC in Birmingham. The guy had just started in the kit creation business and this was his first kit he was trying to sell. I believe only around 50 of these kits were ever made and I can’t for the life of me remember who the sculptor was or the name of his company. Suffice to say I was blown away when I saw it and had to have it, due to the sheer detail and beautifully clean quality of the casting. I’ve not seen much better since!” 

So apparently NEC… Same venue, but not the same show

I found it on eBay for cheap IMO and just thought screw it… I’ll buy it, never seen one like it. However I had no idea it was massive, I assumed it was like any other FW resin kit. When I got the box I thought it was a completely different order.

I am thanking the seller for the amazing job he did packing and just for selling it to me .

Further  Reading

I asked the question about him here:

“Blood Angel Chaplain is Creative Casting’s latest offering – an huge piece of cold cast resin with an obscene amount of detail almost 2 feet tall and weighing in at over 15 lbs!!.”
This is what pointed me to the companies website, translated from a French post:
I present to you the most beautiful part of my collection.
I discovered this statue on an English White Dwarf. It was offered to the GW store occasaion the opening of the 30th 25em or GW UK store to 1995-1996.
This model (thus limited to 25-30 copies) is EXTREMELY detailed! It was carved by a company called Creative Castings called Expired which it seems to me a company special ffects and decorative objects for the TV-movie ..
It measures 35cm tall when measured helmet and 49cm at the top of crosius (27.5cm for the statue against Abaddon Forge World). It weighs 5.6kg and e nrésine !!!
You recognized it was designed according to the cover of the old codex ‘Angels of Death’.
do not ask me “When are you going to paint it?” because I have no time and I expect to control better.
plièce is my ultimate collec even some members of the GW staff did not know about it !!!


Blood Angel Chaplain Statue
A size comparison of just how bloody massive this chap…alin is.

Blood Angel Chaplain Statue

Blood Angel Chaplain Statue

Blood Angel Chaplain Statue

Blood Angel Chaplain Statue

Sisters of Battle: Warriors of Redemption

Not sure what to say really about this one. I have bought  whole load of old (ish) hammer from a thoroughly nice chap from Liverpool. They weren’t cheap but I do feel like the joy its giving me its worth it 😀

Among other things in the box set, I am most impressed and pleased with is the sisters box set that came with it. I wasn’t aware it was include and am chuffed to bits with it. I’d never considered making an army of it…. Now I simply must 😀