Sisters of Battle: Warriors of Redemption

Not sure what to say really about this one. I have bought  whole load of old (ish) hammer from a thoroughly nice chap from Liverpool. They weren’t cheap but I do feel like the joy its giving me its worth it 😀

Among other things in the box set, I am most impressed and pleased with is the sisters box set that came with it. I wasn’t aware it was include and am chuffed to bits with it. I’d never considered making an army of it…. Now I simply must 😀

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  1. Hello. I stumbled upon this via a google search. Are you planning on opening all of the blisters to make an army? Would you consider selling the set? If you opened them already, would you be interested in selling the box? I'm a collector and I've been searching for this box set. Please let me know. My email is Thanks!


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