Eldrad – Golden Demon 2016

Well I’m writing this in Jan 6th 2023… so with some perspective, but let me tell you, at the time I thought I was the bees knees.. Now I know, right now with my current ability I have so much improving to do!

Painted July 2015 btw

Am I embarrassed yes!! Will that feeling probably never stop as you get better sure, but not embarrassed enough to not want to share it and love myself for it.

I think this was my first model that I was going to try on in over 17, since the last time I had really tried, for young bloods 1999. And the very same model and idea behind it.

Interesting fact, I sent this model into GW to feature in WD 3 times as I was so proud of it lol oh boy!

Eldrad Young Bloods 1999
Of course not the best photo… but its taken at the time so eat it!!

Day 1

Let me tell you, proudest moment of my life this lol I think after this I was so put off by my lack of sculpting skills I’ve been too scared to do it since!! pussy lol

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

So it appears that I am a complete lunatic for documenting my progress back then 618 photos :O

Day 5

A so in the 618 photos was a photo of this in all its glory!!

Day 6

Day 6 though actually 6 months in total since I started it lol Eldrad is now finished basically, just the runes on the back of the stuff and then hes done so i was trying to build a diorama. Ironically looking at this, this is 1000x better than the final version I settled with. I wish I had gone with something like this now! (might go back :O)

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9 – Thinking up poses N that

Day 10 – Almost a year since the project started

Day 11 – Space Marine I was proud of at the time

Day 12