The Room December 2018

People ask me, Jay!! Why do you blog your room…. And you know what I say!! You know what I say?

Nobodies ever asked me that  🙁

The Room – September

I’m well aware that I am the only person who ever would want to see these. But for me, its a join to look back at myself over as the time passes by. What I wouldn’t give for photos like this from when I was a kid growing up.

The Room – May 2016

A little late.
I think this is a fairly clean month tbh, a fee plates and at least I’ve found a few mins to do some painting. 
Its 01/07/16 and I still haven’t finished that jetbike, so not that much painting. But ye.

The Room April

After my last room update I didn’t change too much, but I am happy about adding support to my large shelves as they were bowing too much for comfort. I realised I should take photos half way through the rearranging process.