The Room – Moving into Dovetail Place – 2016

As the title suggests. When Tina and I first moved into Dovetail Place in London, Seven Sisters. This was the first time I had a room for myself that was bigger than “a tin” as it was in Betstyle Road. So I wasn’t going to waste this room. I have to say, Dovetail was a contributing factor in how I developed my addictions to gambling and buying all the warhammer I could get my hands on.

But it was still a place with basically 100% happy memories.


I actually have no memory of this really, other than bing completely piss excited once i got all the boxes into the room. I had planned for quite some time with an online room builder. Planning where everything would go. Bloody worth it lol

Getting somewhere

I feel like this must have been some time after I had moved in. I’ve already got shelves up and the speakers :O Interestingly I seemingly wanted to have the speakers behind me. Or maybe that was just until I put them on the wall.

Nearly finished