74mm Eldrad – Robby Crawforth

This was actually the first painting that I had ever seen and thought… Yes, this is the model I would like to have sculpted. I have no idea why it “spoke” to me in such a way, but it opened up the way for me and my sculpting journey.

Mapping the pose

I never actually know how things will turn out, but I had no complaints at this point. From doing a few models now I am much more careful to watch out at this point for Eldar being given rather “strong/large” bodies. Arms, chest and legs tend to have much larger muscles that are needed. Not here of course 😀

Sketching and adding the chest plate

Always enjoyed seeing the builders process, I had never thought about how you lay these things down, but now its so obvious, draw it on first. Exactly how I do with my models.

Details/Sword and cloak

I think at this point I had a very good idea on how the model was turning out and I loved it. The scale increase was still a shocker as I’d only ever seen 28mm models tbh. Of course the Asurmen statue, but…

Adding the helm and head column

Eldrad the arse hole! 😀

Adding the sweet sweet gems

You can see here the neck had thinner “plates” in the neck guard. I think this is my one regret on this model. I prefer the model with the head looking up. In the updated version we settled on his head being more level and thicker plates. I should have stuck to my guns on this one lol

Eldrad’s Staff!

Final Images & Cast Model

Oh indeed, the alternative head that was created. This little head was actually based on my pretty mug! But with an Eldar vibe of course. lol