Karl Kopinski – Eldrad 4th Edition Codex Original Artwork

Well… For an extremely long time I loved this artwork a lot. Like a really lot. I am not really sure why I love the drawing so much tbh. But I do and hunted it for a very long time. I first emailed Karl in 2017.. then again every 3/4 months for 23 months, poor guy. Until finally I got

74mm Eldrad – Robby Crawforth

This was actually the first painting that I had ever seen and thought… Yes, this is the model I would like to have sculpted. I have no idea why it “spoke” to me in such a way, but it opened up the way for me and my sculpting journey. Mapping the pose I never actually know how things will turn

The Eldar I have been waiting for

For all the time I have been collecting… I have been after custom sculpts of my favourite artwork… Below are the labours of the sculptors love :p These little shits are honestly so fucking good that I get “excited” 😉 just looking at them. Be far the best I’ve had and long man the sculptor continue with these things!!