The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship

First of all… Its arrived!!! It arrived!!!!! arghh fucking hell its arrived 😀

I’m excited, but now I can’t decide, am I meant to build it? Or leave it in the awe shockingly lovely box? Currently in my room there is no where to display it, I’m moving on the 11th so I will hopefully finally have a display cabinet.

I had no idea that it weighed so much, I think somebody telling you it weighs a lot and you experiencing exactly how much it weighs are two very different things. It hurt my hands slightly lifting it.

Anyway its here. My initial reaction was just wow. The box looks amazing, good on you Games Workshop, good on you for making something so amazing and only making 500 or maybe 1000 of them. I can’t quite do justice of how nice the box really is. For some reason I expected a cheap feeling box, not lovely thick heavy wood.

The Original Press Release

This is the chap that inspired me into buying it. I remember my manager at Brent Cross’s store telling me how the Prince of Brunei’s son walking into the Plaza store and just ordering 2 of these. BOy was I jealous. Now I finally have one. Only took me 16 years and to be honest I think its sooner than I expected.

Well here are the photos, sort of. By that I mean they are awful photos.

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship  wrapped up

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship on my desk

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Closed Box

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Glorious

Metal thunderhawk gunship with original wooden box

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship box opened with instructions

Metal thunderhawk gunship open with parts

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Emblem

Metal thunderhawk gunship the little thing

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Armour Plates

The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship Engine Parts

7 thoughts on “The Metal Thunderhawk Gunship”

  1. This is a truly amazing model, I have managed to get my hands on #40,001 (#1 of them all) that is owned by Mr John Stallard (of Warlord Games, GW and called out in the certificate with each of these as the driving factor for it being created in the first place) and it will potentially be going up for auction in the next few months so it will be interesting to see how much interest it garners 🙂

  2. :O good lord Andrew! Humm Well I know historically these sell for around £1k Recently they have been selling for slightly less, I’ve seen some sell for around £400 even on ebay. However these often are pristine nor with the certificate. But never #1 of course.

    Where will you be auctioning it do you think lol My budget is pretty much exhausted at the moment sadly.


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