Eldrad Large Scale Statue Model 30cm

I do very much prefer it when I live edit these posts so I don’t have to crawl through months and months of messages 😀

But here it goes!! The beautiful wonderful Vlad Fox and his Eldrad Statue for me!!

The Startings – Humble Beginnings

Update 2 – So… with no feedback from me whatsoever other than :D!!! KEEP GOING!!!

Update 3 – Detailing on the Rune Armor

Update 4 – The Head

So the feedback here was… well very obviously not eldar and in a way amazing and scary. Amazing because it was so well done 😀 lol

Update 4.1 – The Head

As you can easily see, just a bit more eldar like.

Update 4.2 – The Head

And now he is finished and well!! Fuck me, amazingly

Update 5 – The Cloak

Here we got the initial sketch of the cloak and my feedback. I believe you can see that it was not flowing enough at all for my liking.

Update 5.1 – The Cloak

Well here the sculptor filled it out very nicely for us!

Update 6 – The Arms They came earlier… but I forgot

Update 7 – The Staff

Well… It talks for itself! Eldrad’s Staff

Final Update – Delivery