WIP – Eldar Warlock

I can honestly say I’ve never come over a little q….

David Brent 2001

So this little guy, being so bloody big I had no idea if I should or could paint it.

With that in mind, I just thought “lets bloody go for it and not give 2 shits about how he turns out” I think letting go meant I actually enjoyed painting this little tart.

The model needs a fair bit of cleaning up as the sculptor actually sculpted it without knowing it was to be cast, so he ripped allot of it apart lol sorry.

So with that rough fill in done. I really didn’t care how good it was tbh as i “knew” I had no plans with the model. Now sadly I wish I had as people keep telling me its decent. But oh well, I’m still learning on him.

I started with an airbrush to get the ideas where the colours will fall. You can clearly see the “mould” lines here lol

I have been trying to use Alfonso’s tips of covering everything even just at the base colour it will be to help build a picture up in your minds eye. So off I went to.

I started to flesh out the sword and cloak. I basically just spit balled the cloak while on a 1h call with Lineol so again the “not caring” was in full effect.

I really do/have always spent so long fussed and mulling over things that it started to take away the fun from painting for me. So without even realising it, this whole idea of #fuckingsmoothness has in many ways “set me free” I am extremely grateful for this advice from Alfonso and hope that I can keep this up.

The last photos are the ones I sent to alfonso and he again reminded me to fill in everything :’) opps!

So now I started to focus on a bit more refining of the sword and gems etc.

I iz broken?

Here was when I sort of had a “ahh crap… I’m taking it too seriously again :(” I think with the start of the NMM on the chest peice I really reverted to my old “perfect” vibes and I felt the joy directly being sucked away from me.

To try and state that inner turmoil I moved onto the head as the feedback was that my lines were far too small. so i had to open it all up

This is what settled with in the end, now being able to move on when things aren’t perfect much more easily

This is what I settled with for the chest peice. Still not officially happy with it, but again… move on :p

So to move on I drilled a hole through it :O I basically wanted to be able to put it on the chest without having to use bluetac lol oh silly me.

Having not been happy with the gems, I did redo them a few times, but in the end realised that the “GW” style doesn’t work so well on large scale so have played with different types of gems

Onward and gemwards!!

Now, I think I just touched up and cleaned things, broken paint, sketches etc and some OSL on the gems and that was me “done” more or less. I’ll give it some days and maybe look back.