Warhammer Fest 2019 – Coventry

So its been 2 twatting years since I went to my first WF and my third time entering the competition. Each year seems to be better imo, I imagine its something to do with knowing more people.

They did smartly add more Cabinets that were wider if I remember correctly, they didn’t upgrade the lighting yet though. But meh what you gunna do.

Full warning, having looked at the photos they suck. Sorry to myself and to everybody who has to see them.

Open Category

The problem was that the open category was the first items that I took photos and honestly by the time I had finished I was knackered. The photos got less and less

Eavy Metal Master Class?

Mini (large scale but small) Scale

Lord of the Rings

I have to say, this was the first time I liked any of the LOTR models that GW did. So fair play to ya


Fantasy Squads

And this is when I officially “stopped” taking photos as I met up with Dave and Stu and just chatted for the next 2 hours basically.


Judging Table


40k Single Mini

Champions League of GD winners 2018