Asdrubael Vect – Des Hanley Original

I had the pleasure of annoying Des with constant messages and flirting. This below are photos of the amazing artwork.

I’m a man of many many words, in person. But in writing rather less… But getting these artworks from Des has certainly taken the shine off the pure pencil on white, from himself and other artists. These ones just scream “ok” lol no, they far fantastic and I love em.

Les Edwards Original – Eldar

In 2016 I reached out to Les to enquire if he had any Original artwork for sale from the Games Workshop guys.
He didn’t.

Which led me to then asking if he would consider doing a commission piece with Eldar as the focus, he quoted me a price… i said oh boy!
He said he understood
I said, could we do just a very simple painting and bring the price down
He said OK

I then paid in installments as I couldn’t afford the block price and it made sense as I had to paid 14 months for him to have time 🙂

So below is the finished piece and i couldn’t be happier. Still i need to get him framed.

Original Artwork – RIchard Wright’s Eldar Jetbike Warhammer 40,000

In 2017 I emailed Richard to ask him if he had any artwork from his GW games, he sure enough did and replied straight away. I than asked if he had any Eldar left, which I didn’t get a reply and myself forgot about 😀
The while searching through I managed to find the old email, fired one across and 🙁 he only had the jetbike left, we agreed some terms, I zipped the money over and here we are.
Instantly I was completely shocked at the skill of this painted. Its smaller than the 2 Geoff paintings I have, so maybe that is why. But holy smoke are the lines tight on this thing. The colours are disgustingly bright as well, it almost feels a shame to put it behind glass. So enjoy the pictures and know they don’t even begin to do it justice!