How playing the game negatively effects my desire to paint…

Been back in the hobby for 6 months since moving back from Vienna.

For me reading fluff and looking and photos online has already peaked my interested. Like with anything if you surround yourself with something you feel the desire rising. This led to me wanting to play the game.

I packed up all my models for the first time rather excited

I played a small 750pts game about a month ago. This waned my excitement somewhat… to a lot. The player whilst nice enough to help a noob would cheat, not re-roll cocked dice, shot at targets that were out of range. I’m not one to call somebody up on it in a practise game, it seemed odd to me.

Still time passed and last week I thought lets do another game and just avoid this chap. The guy I played with was an absolute joy to play with. However… I like painting, I love it in fact. I love nothing more than a well painted army/miniature. My tutor had nothing of the sorts 🙂 He was a true gamer.

Eldar vs Chaos (nurglings?) at Enfield Games Workshop
Eldar vs Chaos (nurglings?) at Enfield Games Workshop

I think going from the idea of showing off my well painted army to realising that nobody gives a flying f**k how well your army is painted did put me off the game slightly 🙂

Still what you gunna do!