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Eldar 20cm Warlock

13th of Jan – a head

13th of Jan Evening – Initial Body positions

14th of Jan – Initial Body with head and cloak

At this point I had some feedback that the body was actually rather human like. Vlad has been fantastic at taking on feedback. Not only at listening to the feedback but acting on it with amazing detail. Considering his english is not the greatest, you certainly wouldn’t think with the work.

The feedback was:
* Arm needs to move up slightly to appear as if about to strike
* Chest is too large and muscly
* Arms are too strong

15th of Jan – Rework of the body to bring more in line with eldar. Looking much more slim line and eldar like.

16th of Jan – The sword. Fantastic details and still gives me a bona looking.

21 of Jan – Getting closer – The body and cloak

Seeing these pieces set my heart on fire 😀 They are stunning and Vlad has done an amazing job of listening to the details given and just making the whole thing look amazing.

I have given feedback that the chest piece should sit more flushly on the chest. So we shall see where we go with that 😀

Eldar Commission #4 – Gautier Giroud Yvraine

Things went much with Gautier 🙂 So much so that we’re going to work on another project soon.

Here is my painted version next to the normal eldar Farseer.

Eldar Commission 2#

I do love a good Eldar commission and here is my second, based on the beautiful artwork by

This was completed April 2018.

Below is the finished product.
I was a little disappointed with the chest size and the head size. The sculptor did not want to change the sculpt. But here we are.

Mark Gibbons Eldar Ranger Sculpt

After so many years of buying and “painting” the eldar models I become very bored of the current eldar pickings. This said, I still have many of the older styled models that I’ve yet to paint. But it got to the point with my spending that I just couldn’t spend enough money sadly on the models that were being sold (the addiction talking there). 

I remember spending £110 on the unreleased eldar models through ebay. I bought 4 of them. I found out later they were recast, but such was the need to spend money and also buy eldar things.

Anyway, when I found out that people would actually take money and then sculpt models! Well I blew up.

This is the first of maybe 9 that I have done now. First to be cast too, took 2 years lol