Selling and organising :O

Well the last 3 days have been a bit bonkers from a lazy point of view.

Saturday football, so sure fun. I stayed there until 18:30 then came home and had dinner with Tina’s aunty and uncle who are over for Tina’s graduation. We had food then played Lord of the Rings board game until 12:30.. So saturday gone.

Sunday I thought alright I’ve got until 18:00 when I have to meet Tina and her family who have come over from Austria for the grad. So I just started taking out some boxes and looking at the lovely 3rd ed jizz source:

Warhammer 3rd Edition Sealed Boxes

To be fair, the above photo was after 6 hours lol

But it shows what I got myself into. So I spent the entire day organising the items.

What was really silly was uploading the photos and explaining that I want to sell some of them. People don’t really understand but

Facebook madness!!
Anyway, some 350 notifications and 60 messages later and I’ve not even finished organising the models. 
Worse part, I need to itemise all of the items I have an put prices on them, prices I know nobody will pay 😐
I love them all, these are my children. How could you sell your children (to buy a eldar original painting from Geoff Taylor) thats how 🙂

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